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Health Benefits of

Solanum melongena

Solanum melongena, commonly referred to as eggplant, is native to Assam and Burma in India. Now, eggplant is widely cultivated in Chine, European, and Mediterranean regions. [1] Eggplants are rich in phytonutrients with antioxidant properties that protect the body from both infectious and non-infectious diseases. Eggplants are also known for lowering the levels of bad cholesterol and reducing the risk of related cardiovascular disorders. [2] The topical health benefits of eggplant are listed down below.


Anti-inflammatory Activity of Eggplant

Melongenolide A, also called gamma-alkylated-gamma-butyrolactone, inhibits the production of nitric oxide in inflammatory pathways. This compound is extracted from the roots of Solanum melongena and modulates NO-associated inflammatory processes in the body, thus, protecting body tissues from excessive damage. [3]

Eggplant for Hemorrhoids

Both oral and topical Solanum melongena formulations have been used for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Histologic and morphologic scores of hemorrhoid lesions are the lowest in the category of subjects that were treated with Solanum melongena in an experiment conducted by Donmex et al. This reduces the levels of inflammatory mediators. Phenols in Solanum melongena formulations, particularly chlorogenic acid, protect the lesions from oxidative damage and promote healing. [4]


Figure 2 represents the effects of Solanum melongena cream on the total hemorrhoid lesion score

Eggplant for Acne Treatment

Hexane extract of Solanum melongena comprises lupeol, which is a pentacyclic triterpene compound. Lupeol targets different pathological processes responsible for the development of acne vulgaris. Lupeol inhibits lipogenesis in sebocytes and inflammation in sebocytes and keratinocytes. Consistent use of this compound results in a reduction in the levels of pathogenic proteins and the concentration of infiltrated cells in the sebaceous glands. The anti-inflammatory and sebosuppressive properties of lupeol improve acne. [5]

Eggplant for Syphilis

Eggplant roots have been used for the treatment of syphilis in combination with grain porridge and sour milk. The antioxidant properties of this plant can be attributed to flavonoids. Phenolic compounds scavenge free radicals that would otherwise cause oxidative damage to the tissues. [6]

Antifungal Activity of Eggplant

Chloroform, methanol, and petroleum extracts of Solanum melongena have demonstrated antifungal activity and are used for the treatment of fungal skin infections. Chloroform extract shows greater antifungal activity than other Solanum melongena formulations. [7]


Figure 3 demonstrates the effects of chloroform, methanol, and petroleum extract on fungal growth

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